Bobby Brackins

If you havent heard of him yet, you will.
Music videos on MTVMusic.com, VH1.com and over 1.75 million views on worldstarhiphop.com. His unique sound and california styles interpret into hit singles. You can find several of his tracks and a complete mixtape in my download section. Upcoming hits include Skinny Jeans and I Say Hella ft Dev. My personal favorites are She Ca Get It and Hop Up On Top (available for download). He's on the daily grind just like every other artist I represent, so show the support! He's currently traveling to the bay area for shows in Stockton and Sacramento (click towns for show info)! Not only does he grind it out, but personality comes into play as well. Bobby is one of the few sincere, fan-oriented artists out there right now!
Here's more info on Bobby Brackins:

Follow him on TWITTER: @young_bob

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