Deezy Dolla

I just listened to Deezy's new tape he just released today, and I havent heard a song I dont like. (GETIT!!)

The amount of mixtapes Deezy D plans on releasing in the next couple months shows how much dedication he has for rap music. His individual style is promoted through his songs but if you dont understand Deezy's personality, you probably wont understand his music. I was fortunate enough to meet him before I heard him which made his music much more entertaining and relatable. I encourage you to get to know Deezy. If you hit him up on twitter @DeezyDolla, you can expect a response I can only describe as entertaining. He'll probably make you laugh. Although if you're a beautiful girl, prepare to blush. Deezy's personality is one-of-a-kind and I believe he'll be around for awhile, so (GETIT!!)

Check out many of Deezy's available downloads at the bottom of this page

Deezy is also featured in this blog's first post: Berkeley/Downtown Oakland Photoshoot

For more info on Deezy:

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