LIL B (The Based God)

I wish it was possible to sticky this to the top of the blog. LIL B from The Pack is one of the most unique and diverse rappers out there. Thats exactly what fuels Ozzmotions and theres not a day that goes by that I dont see something new from him. His lyrics are based, wacky, random, entertaining and blunt when they need to be. His lifestyle seems to be run around the same means. This is the exact same type of living that I support as LIL B continues to prove that hes the true BASEDGOD.

TAKIN OVER by LIL B (Brandon McCartney) is one of his latest releases. Its not a track, remix, or album, but a BOOK! Its a complete guide to promoting the POSITIVE and BASED lifestyle I mentioned before. Brandon uses a ground-breaking writing style which gives the effect that hes emailing the reader, page by page. This personalized book highlights his past experiences and the methods he used to grow from them into the person he is today. His vocabulary and format wouldnt be seen in an informative novel or research paper. Although, the information in this book can be considered much more beneficial than those other articles. The maturity and civility you gain from reading this book will wipe your slate clean and start you thinking POSITIVE!

Please visit LIL B's blog at http://www.basedworld.com/ - updated almost daily with new music videos, news and other info that B supports and promotes. His most recent success is a track on one of SOULJA BOY's mixtapes. You can cop that HERE.
Also, make sure you hit up LIL B on his twitter, but refer to him as #MRBASEDGODHILTON for kicks!

Support LIL B and check out his links:
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B's TWITTER                         TAKIN OVER (KELE BOOKS)

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