Lil Uno AKA The Magnum Man

Lil Uno from The Wolfpack and L.U.T. is a standout amongst upcoming bay area rappers. At such a young age, hes already made quick progress in the music industry. His hard work ethic transforms his music into quality AND quantity. Uno's tracks always have something extra mixed to keep your attention. Whether its a catchy phrase, exclusive beats or just real talk, he'll have you wanting more.

In the past couple months I've witnessed his work ethic on numerous projects and collaborations. I can guarantee you he will continue to grow and the quality can only improve. Look for Uno to be one of the main moguls of the music industry within the next couple years. His upcoming release within the next couple weeks will be titled "L.U.T. The Mixtape" (featured above). A link to purchase will be provided upon release.

Lil Uno Downloads:

Uno's Myspace            LUT Myspace

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