Yung Gee [L.U.T.]

Yung Gee is unknown by most, until now. He has the skills and support to make it to the top, and hes cooking up his recipe for success as I type. Gee will release his first solo album within the next months. Upon release, I believe it will be his first major stepping stone in the industry. Applying his diversity and grind-to-achieve mentality to all of his work is going to be a major contributor to his success.

Gee also reps for L.U.T. [Loyalty Unity Trust]. The group includes him, Lil Uno from the Pack, and Lon. You can check out one of their hits "Bo High" on my music player to the right. Gee is currently working on a new rock/rap style of music with drummer Brett Johns and guitarist/vocalist Andy Thornton. Stay tuned for updates on those trending music releases.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Gee recently. His friendly personality is a big component of what he stands for. A challenging life growing up on the streets changed him into the person he is today. Now its his time to shine! (GETIT!!)

GEE's Twitter
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